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Ron himself Ron by Clo

Basic Facts

Birth name: Claudia
Known Aliases: Lady Galadriel, Piper Halliwell, Ronald Weasley/King
Nicknames: The Good, The Rock, The Wise
Date of Birth: 11th July, 1983
Sex: Female
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: Worker

Proud Staffer from 2006 to 2012


Height: 1.65 m
Weight: Approx. 50 Kg
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Very Light (a.k.a. I almost shine in the dark)
Scars and Marks: appendicectomy scar


Spouse: Faramir of Gondor
Childrens: Lord William Blakeney (Master&Commander), Alex O'Connell (The Mummy series), Seth Cohen (The O.C.), Chris Perry (Charmed), Wyatt Halliwell (Charmed), Lucas Scott (One Tree Hill), Claire Littleton (Lost)
Personal Assistant: Gandalf the Grey White (LOTR)
Rules over: Lothlorien, AKA Albese (Como, Italy)


The Lord of the Rings & Tolkien's Books, Backstreet Boys, Supernatural & Dean Winchester, C.S.I. & Gil Grissom, Lost & Sawyer, Gladiator, Russell Crowe, Keira Knightley, Fanlistings.


Fanlistings Collective: http://misty-morning.net

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